In-Depth Post 3(Practicing front dives)

Wow, I have progressed a lot. Now that I have a mentor, I am moving onto bigger, better dives, and perfecting the simple ones that I already knew.


As I said on my second post, I started my in-depth with no mentor, but just using the internet as a guide. I couldn’t find any divers someone with a diving background that wanted to volunteer their time to me. I then had to sign up for a class at Poirier.


The class I am in is good, it does all the things I was hoping it to do. My instructor Ray Sanco, helps me with the little things such as, keeping my toes pointed before my initial jump. Since I had never done any sort of diving or diving lessons, I signed up for the first level. The level did not have any sort of age restrictions so naturally I wound up with a bunch of younger kids, which was a bit embarrassing and funny at the same time because I stick out like a sore thumb. Since the class is full of younger kids, the class does move pretty slowly, but Ray helps me focus on the little things with my dives.

I go to the aquatic center after school sometimes to progress, and try things at a quicker pace, and Ray helps me with my technique later at class. When I first met ray, I told him about TALONS, and that this class was for a project. He was very interested in the TALONS program and the in-depth project. When I told Ray that I was interested in developing at a faster pace than the rest of the class, he was very supportive. He didn’t want me going way ahead of the group, because then he would have to give me special attention. However, I did things like, opened up the high dive for me. Since it was the first class, we were still working on front dive fall-ins, and front dives from a small jump. I noticed that Ray was very good at keeping track of every ones advancements, so he could tailor his coaching for each individual.

Like I said in my second post, I had been having troubles with my front dive fall-ins, I would always over rotate a bit and my legs would smack on the surface of the water. It was on my first class with Ray when I learned how to do a proper reach, your hand position while diving, which helped me do a proper front dive fall-in and not smack my legs. I quickly moved on to front dives with a bit of a jump, and spent the rest of my time working on those.

For my first front dive, I jump way too hard and over rotated to my back. You could hear the smack of my back against the water throughout the whole facility. I spent a lot of time getting comfortable with my jump into the dive. By the end of that class I had the front dive with a little jump pretty good, but I get better and more comfortable with it every class.

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