Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

               Where have we been? Well, what does this questions even mean? What are we looking for? Ahhhhhh! This is one of those frustratingly awesome questions that keep us up at night, and just end up raising more questions. There are so many ways we can look at this question. Do we really know where we have been? If we look back, there seems to be a common goal, to be better, to progress. It started off with survival. First we were just surviving, and then more strategies and techniques arose to make survival a lot less of a problem. Now, in places like Coquitlam B.C. we don’t even worry about surviving, we have way bigger problems to deal with on a daily bases. Which makes me think. What if one day, all of the big problems in our lives such as school, work, and social problems, just don’t matter anymore? What Lies ahead?


Where are we going? It’s crazy that we think of any “new” things that will be made in the future, because then it isn’t new, you just thought of it. And as for what problems might make our current problems obsolete, it’s kind of a, we don’t know what we don’t know, situation. How can we know? Or, how don’t we know? Because on one hand, we can’t look too far into the future, but on the other hand, when we do look into the future a little, we are basically creating our future, or, what is now our present. One thing is certain though. We as humans are going to keep progressing, which is why this question is so interesting.

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