Parsons-Confederation Post #2

Dear Father,

Dec, 5, 1858

I know you are no longer with me, but, as I write you, I fear that I will joining you soon. I am not well. And even though I know that I have little days left on this land, I am writing this because I would like to tell you about what I have accomplished.

As I have told you earlier, I have aligned with the French Canadians. Though I know they need my help more than I need theirs, It feels good know I am helping them preserve their culture. I have a close relationship with Louis Lafontaine. I helped him get a parliamentary seat and together we have been working together to preserve the French language in Canada. Together we have revolutionized the government by leading a responsible ministry.

We are scared though. We would like to for this land to unite into one Canada but we are afraid of the French being flushed out by the British, and Americans. If only Mr. Macdonald could see that uniting with Lower Canada is only going to make Canada stronger, if only he could see what we have to offer. I do hope that the French culture is preserved, but like I said, it seems my time is up. I will join you soon.

-Robert Baldwin

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