Parsons-Confederation Post #1

Dear Father,

April, 24, 1832

It’s me Robert. I have not written in a while so I thought this would be a good time. I am having a hard time right now, I’m sure you know that though. After I lost my seat in the election two years ago, things slowed down for me. I wasn’t a lawyer anymore, and even though I have still been working in politics, a lot of the things that I had been working for just ended in an uncanny stop. But I am keeping my head held high, at 28 years of age I still have a lot of time to make a difference in this land. Augusta and I are have another baby, which makes four. I know I need to stay strong for my family. I do not agree with some of the ways of some of the people in charge. I can change their ways thought, or help to. I am, as I know you are father, ready and willing to change the way minority groups are treated. I have a pretty loose friendship with Lower Canada that I am looking to tighten. I also want to hear about you, contact me back very soon.

-Robert Baldwin

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