Parsons-Confederation Final Address

Dear Father,

Change for the better, that’s what I worked for. Now, some people that were working against me might have thought that they, were changing for the better. So who is? Well I have worked for the progression of parallelism between ethnic groups, change for the greater good, and I truly believe that that is change for the better. But is it? Do I believe that? I hate lying to you father but I can’t… shake the feeling that I worked for something so pointless.

A fork in the road. Just, being an English speaking male of my heritage I probably would have grown up to fight this battle with Macdonald and Brown. But I truthfully respected what I was taught growing up, what I was taught by you. Faire likeness for everyone, and to achieve faire likeness, we must work together.

I am blissful for what I have accomplished with the French Canadians, and for what I have contributed to form this new nation. But here is my dilemma father, my feeling of pointlessness. What if the French Canadians and any I helped, were slowing Canada down? What if I was supporting the anchor to this vessel of a nation? I can only think, where we might have been, If I, at that fork in the road, gone the other way. Could we, the British, have formed Canada alone? Might we be further along this lengthy road? Like I said, this is all I can think, and that is why I am contacting you father. I ask for your thoughts, answers even.

And Father, please don’t think ill of me.

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