I had a little bit of difficulty with my learning center. I was so focused on this one element of  my learning center, non-Newtonian fluid. Non-Newtonian fluid, is just cornstarch and water, but it’r really cool. When mixed together, the cornstarch and water make this thick, white liquid that, when applied a lot of force, turns to solid.

Non-Newtonian fluid
Non-Newtonian fluid

I was going to use it to demonstrate the larger surface area of a ski keeping you above the powder. The powder ski, one Shane Mconckey’s inventions, is what I focused on in my speech.

Well the fluid didn’t work as planned, so that one element I put so much focus into didn’t work. Now, because I put most of my time into figuring out how the fluid was going to work, my learning center was lacking a little “puzaz”. I had the documentary Mconckey  playing on my iPad, old skis and pow skis, and some pictures of Shane’s other accomplishments. My learning center looked kind of dull, but I still stood out because of what I had to offer through conversation. I had some long, interesting conversations with parents and alumni, some were ski enthusiasts and some barely knew what skiing was. The pictures and documentary playing brought up knew topics of conversation all the time. I think that I demonstrated to the visitors, teachers , and myself that I really knew what I was talking about and really learned a lot during this project.


One last thing about my learning center is that when my wonderful conversations ended with the visitors, I asked them to write or draw about a dream they have or had on a dream wall I had. I went a long nicely with my speech.  By the end of the night I had the whole whit board filled up. Everyone who left my learning center after recording their dream looked pretty inspired.

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