Being a freestyle skier in Vancouver and at Whistler, I know a lot of people that had connections to my eminent person, Shane Mconckey. Many of my coaches, such as Jason Smith, had know or known about Shane, but due to them living too far away and them not having enough time I couldn’t get an interview on Shane Mconckey. I e-mailed all of them and personally phoned most of them, but unfortunately at the start of the ski season, no one had enough time for me.

I have a pretty good relationship wit Jason Smith so I could ask a couple small questions. Jason had competed against Shane in their Comp years and though not that close, he considered Shane a friend. Despite the questions I asked him he made it clear that if there is anything that I should know about Shane ┬áis that he had a drive and passions to do what he loved and love the people around him, he was nice to every one. This couldn’t have been expressed on a web page or anything like that so I am glad to have phoned Jason. What he said about Shane is really going to help me put my own emotion into my speech.

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