Eminent 2015 Biblography-Parsons

As Eminent wraps up, here are my sources on Shane McConkey

1. McConkey – This was a documentary fallowing his whole life. It focused on his many accomplishments and the inspiring life he lived. I would recommend this to anyone just at an awesome movie.

2. Shane McConkey Wiki – I know that Wikipedia isn’t the first place we should be looking but I used this site for factual stuff like date of birth and hometown.

3. Mens Journal – This web page was about Shane’s final moments.

4. About Shane McConkey – This site had a lot of good info of Shane’s life, all of which matched up with the documentary.

5. National Geographic – This site was about some of Shane’s more extreme moments and how his wife was coping with the stress.


Doc of learning-Parsons

Here is my final speech for night of the notables


I can’t believe how far skiing has come, I mean look at these things, these used to be the best we had, but now these are best used for fire wood.

Dreams, let’s talk about them. Follow you dreams, what does it mean, doing what you love, loving what you do. Growing up that’s what people tell us. Parents, grandparents, teachers, they say this but they expect so much of us, they expect everything of us, so unfortunately people, too often miss out on their dreams. I took the opportunities available to me to follow my dream, to ski, to be a skier, to do what I loved. But you know that saying, “When one door closes another door opens” well unfortunately the saying works both ways. One door opened and I went through that door, I took that opportunity, but then another door closed.

I was attending the University of Colorado. It was what my mother wanted, for me to get an education, to get a “real job”. But I soon realized that it wasn’t my dream. I then got kicked out of school, for not doing my work, not showing up to classes, and why, because I was skiing. Now with no school, little support from my mom and little money, I did everything in my power to keep skiing. I lived in a little shed behind the school, while skiing all day and delivering pizzas all night. I once said, “I’ll be poor my whole life as long as I can keep skiing”, and that was true, I didn’t care about the money, I never did.

Then, people started to get interested in these skiers doing crazy stunts, people wanted to see me. I was the star of countless ski movies, I was making a name for myself and living a healthier life not staying up all night delivering pizzas.

See, I was a Freeskier. We freeskiers skied on these little skinny sticks but in the deep, waist high powdery snow. So that’s where these come in. I had some old water skis at my house and I just knew that they would do the trick, so I mounted some ski bindings on them and went on a run. The water skis were so fat, that they kept me upon the top of the snow. It was like I was floating. So, I designed these, well not these specifically but introduces the consept of fat skis to the world, and now, freeskiers around the world are using skis just like these.


I had a little bit of difficulty with my learning center. I was so focused on this one element of  my learning center, non-Newtonian fluid. Non-Newtonian fluid, is just cornstarch and water, but it’r really cool. When mixed together, the cornstarch and water make this thick, white liquid that, when applied a lot of force, turns to solid.

Non-Newtonian fluid
Non-Newtonian fluid

I was going to use it to demonstrate the larger surface area of a ski keeping you above the powder. The powder ski, one Shane Mconckey’s inventions, is what I focused on in my speech.

Well the fluid didn’t work as planned, so that one element I put so much focus into didn’t work. Now, because I put most of my time into figuring out how the fluid was going to work, my learning center was lacking a little “puzaz”. I had the documentary Mconckey  playing on my iPad, old skis and pow skis, and some pictures of Shane’s other accomplishments. My learning center looked kind of dull, but I still stood out because of what I had to offer through conversation. I had some long, interesting conversations with parents and alumni, some were ski enthusiasts and some barely knew what skiing was. The pictures and documentary playing brought up knew topics of conversation all the time. I think that I demonstrated to the visitors, teachers , and myself that I really knew what I was talking about and really learned a lot during this project.


One last thing about my learning center is that when my wonderful conversations ended with the visitors, I asked them to write or draw about a dream they have or had on a dream wall I had. I went a long nicely with my speech.  By the end of the night I had the whole whit board filled up. Everyone who left my learning center after recording their dream looked pretty inspired.


Being a freestyle skier in Vancouver and at Whistler, I know a lot of people that had connections to my eminent person, Shane Mconckey. Many of my coaches, such as Jason Smith, had know or known about Shane, but due to them living too far away and them not having enough time I couldn’t get an interview on Shane Mconckey. I e-mailed all of them and personally phoned most of them, but unfortunately at the start of the ski season, no one had enough time for me.

I have a pretty good relationship wit Jason Smith so I could ask a couple small questions. Jason had competed against Shane in their Comp years and though not that close, he considered Shane a friend. Despite the questions I asked him he made it clear that if there is anything that I should know about Shane  is that he had a drive and passions to do what he loved and love the people around him, he was nice to every one. This couldn’t have been expressed on a web page or anything like that so I am glad to have phoned Jason. What he said about Shane is really going to help me put my own emotion into my speech.

Library Field Study-Parsons

I didn’t know if this was worthy of a whole post or not but I just did it anyways.

I didn’t make it to the SFU library field trip because I was sick so I didn’t get the chance to look for a book. I think the whole point of the trip was to find a scource different from a web site or web page so I have found one. Well, I didn’t find it on my own, Mr. Jackson told me about it. It is a really interesting documentary on my eminent parson, Shane McConkey. I watched on Netflix and it got me so pumped for studying him. The documentary is called McConkey and if anyone gets the chance to watch it I think you should. It is a great, inspiring movie even aside the eminent project.