Parsons-7 Challenge

How do you deal best with tension in  a stressful situation?

One way I deal with tension Is to take a couple seconds and calm down. A calm group can collaborate way better than a frustrated group.

What should you do when you find yourself following a leader who is ineffective? How do you continue to add value?

When following a leader that is ineffective, it is important to not fight fir with fire. If the leader is ineffective, then being a reactive person as appose to a proactive person isn’t going to help. Giving helpful and constructive advice is going to help your leader lead better which will add value to yourself and your leader.

What tools or tactics can you utilize to keep track of your various responsibilities?

Staying organized is the best way to keep your responsibilities in check. A planner is a great way to improve your organizational skills which will help you to keep check of your responsibilities. Personally, I have bad organizational skills, I didn’t use my planner at all last year but I am using one this year and I think that I have improved my organizational skills.

Do you tend to focus more energy on production or promotion?

I tend to focus more energy on production. As a group, we all want to get the job done as quickly and as best as possible.

How will you contribute to your committee’s success?

I know that last year, I didn’t have a lot to do at first because my job was to make up the schedule. So I always made sure that I helped out and took on extra jobs when II wasn’t busy. I think that if I keep that same attitude and contribute as much as possible, I can make my group a bit more successful.

How do you relate to and align yourself with your committee’s vision?

By bringing my ideas and goals to the attention of my committee and try to get everyone to spread their ideas; we, as a group keep our vision align together.

What skill will you learn or sharpen to become more competent in your current position?

I think that organizational skill play a key role of success in every position. I have already been improving my organizational skills by using a planner. I can be more organized by organizing my duo tangs, locker, and room so that I m more productive when I am working and to become more competent.

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