Parsons-In-depth post #1

Oh my goodness, this year it seems as though in-depth has come within the blink of an eye. It might have something to do with the fact that we started school in October but this year feels extra quick. However, it is time to start in-depth.

I was considering rapping, coding, or sky diving. Sky diving was just way too expensive, coding seemed like it would get boring after a while, and rapping sounded like fun but not as much fun as diving. Diving sparked my interest around March last year. I was at a ski competition in Prince George. There wasn’t much to do after skiing so my ski team and I often went to the local aquatic center which had a one and three meter spring boards, and a five, seven, and ten meter platforms. As a freestyle ski team we had some acrobatic skills, we all had so much fun pushing each other to do the biggest craziest flips. For in-depth I want to take this to the next level. There is no doubt that practicing acrobatic skill in diving will help me improve in skiing, but ultimately I’m doing this for the fun aspect of diving.

Diving Day Eight - 14th FINA World Championships

What is diving?

Diving is a competitive sport, or in my case an activity, in which individual athletes preform dives and acrobatics while falling or jumping from a spring or platform into a pool of water. Divers often use similar skills as gymnasts, specifically trampasts. Diving is recognized and loved by spectators around the world and is a popular event in the Olympics.

I will be attending one diving session per week. Sometimes with a paid instructor other times with volunteer coaches/mentors ¬†or alone, working on techniques and skills that my mentor(s) have taught me. I will be video taping at all times so I can demonstrate my improvement throughout the project. I will mostly be having my diving sessions at local swimming pools such as Chimo Aquatic and Fitness Center, but I will try to occasionally go to UBC’s Aquatic Center because they have a five and ten meter platform.

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