Parsons-7 Myths

Myth one: What unique skills do you posses that you can pass on to others?

I can make the best out of a bad situation, keeping a cool head when problems arise.
Myth two: How can you reshape your thinking and habits to better display the characteristics of a leader?

I already have pretty open mind but I think that having an even more open mind and being an overall more proactive, instead of reactive, person will better display my leader characteristics.
Myth three: What prompts you to follow someone else?

I don’t know exactly what prompts me to follow other people but I thought of some people I see as leaders and then thought of similar characteristics between them and some of them are Respectful (nice to everyone and makes you feel respected), intelligent, open-minded, and confident.
Myth four: How often do people in your quad/committee questions or criticize the decisions quad leaders make?

Rarely do people In my quad/committee question the leader became the leader usually runs the decision by the whole committee before making the decision.
Myth five: To whom do the chairs in a committee answer?

I think that the chairs answer to everyone in their committee, because if they’re the chair, then they should be the the best suited to answer or solve questions of the committee members.
Myth six: Eleanor Roosevelt said…position to limit your position?

Not letting anyone feel bad about yourself is pretty close to not letting your title define what kind of worker, co-worker, or student you are.

Myth seven: what are the prospects…becoming the leader/ chair?

I think that it is fairly likely for me to become the chair for my committee because last year I was on schedule, so not only do I know about all the jobs of the program committee, but I also know a bit about some jobs I the other committees too, and I think I have quite a bit of influence on my classmates.

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