Introducing Shane McConkey

Who is Shane McConkey?

Shane McConkey was a professional skier and base jumper, Shane spent life redefining what was possible on skis including, Ski base.

Shane McConkey - Portrait

He was born Dec 30, 1969, in Vancouver British Columbia. His parents Jim McConkey, a ski school instructor and Glenn McConkey, an 8 time national champion ski racer got him started in skiing as a toddler. At a young age Shane was competitive ski racer, he excelled, he was always “the one to beat” at competitions. Sane did have the skills to pay the bills but skills can only get you so far as  racers usually need a bigger bulkier build that he did not have. He was athletically gifted and he knew that having skis on his feat made sense but still didn’t know what that was. Shane got a scholarship to the University of Colorado through his ski racing.  Things were looking good for Shane, if he was going to make it to the Canadian team this was the next step.McConkey1


Later, Shane wasn’t doing very well in school. When he went to go tryout for the national team he didn’t make it. He then got kicked out of school for missing classing, and why, because he was skiing. He persude his dream of becoming a pro skier by skiing all day ans delivering pizzas all night. All of a sudden people were getting interested in free skiers like Shane. He started in countless ski movies. He made a name for himself and enough money  to live a healthy life.

Now, Shane had another passion, BASE jumping and sky diving. He then combined his two passions to create Ski BASE, and this is what he is really known for. He would ski off of a cliff way to high to land off of with a parachute on his back. Then pulling the chute and gliding away to land with his skies on.

It was really fun talking about my eminent person, Shane Mconckey and I know we are just getting to the good stuff but this is just and intro So I am going to end it here. Thanks and bye.


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  1. “When he went to go tryout for the national team he didn’t make it.” What happened next? He did not give up. Why not? What made him continue doing what he does best? What makes you overcome ski injuries? What makes you tick? You have endless hours of practice, sometimes very few rewards. Are you familiar with the notion, “being in the zone” or “peak experience” ? Check out these notions. How is your speech coming along? I would love to read your draft?

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